About Us

Earth Flag is more than just a place to buy an Authentic Earth Flag. It is also a place where like minded individuals from ALL OVER THE WORLD gather to discuss and implement strategies for making our planet a better place to live on for ourselves and our posterity. In order to facilitate our visitors we have created a well rounded experience that starts with the REAL history of Earth Day and the Earth Flag and continues on as far as our visitors want to take it. Along the way Earth Flag devotees will encounter Earth Flag Television, The Green Room Activist Center, Earth Aware Community where many will choose to become educated and active in promoting Earth Conscious activities and spreading Earth Aware information and media. Earth Flag Website is a place where you can flesh out what the flag means to you as a symbol in order to transform your life and the lives of all those who share the big blue marble with you. Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you enjoy yourself and find that special place that beckons to you and helps you to be more active in making this planet even more amazing than it already is.